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Jeremy Barinque


Jeremy Barinque is seated on the right hand side with the Livermore Fil-Am Cultural dancers at St. Michael’s Hall.

Crisanta Gallardo Legacy Scholar

For the first time in Livermore Fil-Am’s history, the Crisanta Gallardo Legacy Scholarship is awarded to Jeremy Barinque, a 2021 senior from Granada High School. A very generous donor who wished to remain anonymous donated $1,000.00 in memory of Mrs. Crisanta Gallardo, the first female president of the Livermore Filipino-American Organization from1977-1979. This scholarship was based on the graduating 2021 senior’s volunteer hours with the organization pre-COVID19 years. Jeremy Barinque danced the Subli and Tinikling (Filipino folk dances) during the Filipino Barrio Fiesta at the Bankhead Plaza, Filipiniana/Flores de Mayo, St. Michael’s Parish Fall Festival, and other events. Jeremy Barinque is seated on the right hand side with the Livermore Fil-Am Cultural dancers at St.Michael’s Hall.

Pauline Evangelista


Pauline Evangelista is one of the four Livermore Filipino-American Organization’s 2019
Scholars. She is also the very 1st recipient of the Special Recognition Award for her dedication & passion in promoting the Filipino heritage & culture through her time & talents. Pauline’s family became active members of the Livermore Fil-Am Org. since 1995 when Pauline’s mother, Joanna, first arrived in Livermore from the Philippines. Joanna was part of the Kundiman singers who performed in the Barrio Fiesta events during the leadership of the Santos family and Fred de Guzman.


Throughout Pauline’s elementary school years she has participated in the annual May Sagalas starting as Miss Little Philippines, Miss Mindanao, Miss Philippines, and the Reyna Elena for the Flores de Mayo and the Filipiniana. It was during her high school years at Granada High School that her true passion for the Philippine culture was ignited. She sang the Philippine national anthem Lupang Hinirang (Bayang Magiliw) at the Livermore Fil- Am events, and she became the youth principal dancer for the Livermore Fil-Am Cultural Dance Troupe. Pauline’s main dance is the Tinikling. She has performed at the Flores de Mayo, Filipiniana, LLNL, Barrio Fiesta, St. Michael’s Church, and other events in Fremont and Stockton. Pauline’s passion for the Philippine folk dance also encouraged her friends at the Granada HipHop Club to learn the Subli, a Philippine Hat dance, and perform it at the 2016 Barrio Fiesta. Pauline has learned the Tinikling so well that she became an instructor to other youth dancers, too.


The Livermore Filipino-American Organization is eternally grateful to Pauline Evangelista and her family for being a part of the organization in promoting the Philippine culture and traditions. We wish Pauline success in all her future endeavors! Mabuhay and Maraming Salamat!

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